Maite Solé
June 21, 2007 07:02PM
We must remember that chromosomes are like cookbooks that contain our recipes. We receive these recipes in equal numbers from our progenitors at the time of fertilisation.

These recipes contain all our genetic information. That is they express our traits. They specify the colour of our eyes, the colour of our skin, the colour of our hair, the shape of our nose or our teeth, ears, nails, the shape of our fingers, our toes, and each and every element that make us up.

Sometimes the information we inherit is wrong and sometimes this can lead to an array of different pathological conditions that manifest as malformations or diseases.

Sometimes, however, the information inherited is correct but for some reason throughout the course of our lives, it goes wrong ending in disease such as cancer.

Having clarified this point, we should now ask ourselves the question:

What is gene therapy?
Gene therapy is a laboratory procedure the aim of which is to repair wrong or incorrect recipes........................

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Maite Solé 1922 June 21, 2007 07:02PM