Maite Solé
June 21, 2007 11:26AM
This procedure consists in the extraction of amniotic fluid through a needle that has been inserted transabdominally under ultrasound guidance.
For purposes of chromosomal or genetic disorders diagnosis, amniocentesis is habitually performed between the 14th and 20th weeks of pregnancy, (ideally between 15 and 17) obtaining about 15 to 20 ml of amniotic liquid. It has been shown that if the test is performed earlier in the pregnancy, the uterus is not as accessible and the number of foetal cells is scarce, and if performed later in the pregnancy, we run the risk that many of the cells obtained are keratinised and unfeasible for study.

If the test is performed between the 14th and 20th week of pregnancy the risk of spontaneous abortion.............................................

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