Maite Solé
June 21, 2007 11:32AM
An ULTRASOUND or echography uses ultrasonography or "sound waves" as a diagnostic tool. An ultrasound sends waves to the foetus that bounce off internal foetal structures (thereby its name "echo"). It allows visualisation of the foetus in a TV-like viewing screen, providing internal as well as external images of the foetus. Internal and external malformations can be diagnosed based on different tissue densities. It works in the same way as radars in air traffic control or marine navigation.

Given the constant progress being made in this field, it is now possible to explore the foetus in a bi-dimensional plane (2D) or in a three-dimensional plane, either in a static (3D) or in movement (4D).

The use of this technique requires:

1.- Highly qualified professionals in this field.
2.- The use of devices equipped with the latest technology and approved by the competent regulatory authorities.

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Maite Solé 1929 June 21, 2007 11:32AM